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(Please note that we do not have any details e.g date of birth or even year of death or any addresses of any departed souls on this site.)



All the departed members of The Guild are remembered, in perpetuity, at the Mass in The Guild Chapel at Walsingham on the anniversary of their deaths. They are also remembered at the requiems in St. Stephen’s Church, Gloucester Road.

Members of The Guild are asked to include the names of the departed in their weekly prayers in the appropriate week. Parishes which have a Guild branch, and individual Priest members, are asked to celebrate a monthly requiem for members of The Guild.

The following is a list of Guild Members who have died and who should be remembered during the month. They are recorded in the Anniversary Book: they continue to be remembered.

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January 1st

Sophia Pope
Hannah Nutcombe Gould 
Mary Constance, Sister, All S.S.
Ellen Wilson
Emma Louisa Sawyer 
Thomas Jesson, Priest 
Andrew David Eisdale, Priest 
Cecilia Mary, Sister, S.P.B. 
Cecilia, Sister, S.S.P.
C. Mellena Heale
Marianne Girardot
Flora Katherine Emma St. George 
Sarah Wallis
Mary Louisa Wilson 
Harford Elton Lury, Priest 
Florence Nott-Bower 
Mary Venables
Ethel Mary de Rougemont 
Georgina Hutton
Mary Bertha, Sister
Anne Mary Wilson
Charles Edward Butterfield, Priest 
Millicent, Sister, C.S.P.H. 
Clara Vallance
Mary Ida, Sister, C.H.C. 
Henry John Adams, Priest
Miles John Palgrave Malleson, Priest 
Freda Annie Bargery 
Robert Sidley Short, Priest 
Gwenneth, Sister, C.S.P. 
Olivia Marie Taylor
Ellen May Peters

Clare Isobel Boyack Tanburn  1993
Norah Evelyn Cooper  1999
Keith Lionel Maurice Hayes 2002
Margaret Anne Newton-Cox 2009

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January 2nd

Augustus W. G. Moore, Priest 
Aeddan Donnithorne 
Reginald Smith, Priest 
Gertrude Marion Day 
Helen Mary Foster
Lydia Dorothea Waller 
Jane Barter
Elizabeth Anne Cunynghame
Helen C. Wheeler
Fanny Kinder
Susan Emily Antrobus 
Caroline, Sister, All SS. 
Charles Henry Swallow 
Patience, Sister, C.A.H. 
Dorothy Maude Walker 
Isabella Pulteney
William Arbuthnot, Priest 
Caroline Mary Keen 
Flora, Sister, C.S.C.
William Berkeley Molyneaux 
Ellen Elizabeth Edgar
Hermine Caroline de Rougement 
Robert William Burnie, Priest 
Emily Margaret Thompson
Elizabeth Derricote 
Eliza Mary Barry
Mary Cordelia, Sister, C.S.J.B.
May Hamilton
Helen Florence Cumming 
Ralph Shakespeare Eves, Priest
Agnes Mary Turner 
Margaret Helen Case
Benjamin Horace Perrott Smith, Priest
Kate Eleanor Webber 
Anne Louisa Varley 
Catherine Jane Jeffers 
Eleanor Harrison
Mabel Conder
Monica, Sister, S.S.C.
Charles Pearson Bardsley, Priest
Mary Irene, Sister, C.H.C. 
Florence May Marshall
Alice Helen Gordon Alexander
John Fison Webb
Laura Shaw
Barbara Winefrede Lucinda Mounsey-Wood 
William George Tarr
John Herbert Edwin Warren, Priest

Henry Charles William Hughes, Priest 2001
Marguerite Kate Gray 2005

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January 3rd

Harriet Campion
Charlotte Mary Williams 
Katherine Isabel, Sister, C.S.J.B.
Henry Allen Harvey 
Agnes, Sister,C.L.J. 
Emily Charlotte Brandt 
James Thomas Chambers 
Mary Jane Sampson 
Alice Isabella Fooks
Elsie Stretton Mead 
Alice E. Phillips
Maria Frederica Green 
Alice Maude Dixon 
Eleanor Beddoes
Elizabeth Maude, Sister, All SS.
Julia Elizabeth Folwell 
Adelaide Louisa Houseman 
Annette Julia Kemp-Welch 
Robert Cowley Powles, Priest
Kate Mary Heazell
Edith Amy Wilson
Thomas Sefton, Priest 
Henrietta Charlotte Tarleton 
Frances Harriet Josephine Carey
Amy Louisa D'Arcy 
Mildred Anne Harben
Mabel Christine, Sister, C.S.J.B.
Theodore Robert Dixon Sharpe, Priest
Evan Bruce Murray, Priest 
John Francis Winter, Priest 
Rosalind Mary Wishart 
Muriel Gladys Cole-Robinson
Marjorie Robson
Mary Hesketh Beasley 
Elizabeth Hinson

Nora Bateman 1992
Dudley Ford 1998
Barbara Mary Dobbin 2008
Frank Charles White 2008
Arthur Allinson 2010

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January 4th

Catherine Boteler
Amelia Maria, Duchess of Argyll 
Ellen Cowlard
Patrick Vincent Meyer
Eliza Evans
William Edward Sainsbury 
Mary Ann Martin
Horace Plimpton
Bessie Hall
Leslie Douglas Rutherford, Priest 
Alfred Henry Forster Burder, Priest 
Mary Alethea, Sister, C.S.J.B. 
Rose Maria Everard
Gertrude Anna Harvey
Margaret Anne Sellon
Percival Hall Jones
Edith Florence Parfitt
Katherine Mary Humphries 
Ethel Monica Horn
Charlotte Butcher
Amy Katherine Vaughan-Jones 
Wilfred Lawry Castley, Priest 
Frances Agnes Laura-Shipton 
Ella Gertrude Haines
Edward Arthur Maycock, Priest 
Richard Bleadon Bradford, Priest 
John Harrison Barrow, Priest 
Peter Michael Worrall-Thompson 
Dorothy May Park
Denise, Sister, C.S.C.
Joseph Charles Spidy
Mary Mildred, Sister, C.S.C. 1992
Raymond Peacock 2006

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January 5th

Amanda S. Wetherall
Charlotte Mary Huish
Anna Ruscombe Wollen 
Richard Bowen Jenkins, Priest 
Anna Louisa Dymock
Alfred Corbett McCheane 
Doris Mabel Evans
Leonard Napier Woolley, Priest 
Helen Farnworth
Barbara, Sister, C.S.C.
Alma, Sister, C.S.C.
Henry William Gordon Kenrick, Priest 
Agnes Birkett
Edith Grace Cleverley Roper, Dss. 
Alice Frances Hull
Cicely Voules
Frances Mary Carris Marriott 
Lucy King
Bessie Funnell
Charles Robert Seear, Priest
Ruth Margaret Polehampton
Alice Mary Merricks 
Daisy Robbina Jacoby 

Charles Victor Clear  2000
Dorothy Crossman 2001
Esther Mary, Sister C.R.J.B.S. 2006

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January 6th

Kathleen Bury
Susan Scholefield 
Mary Margaret Skelton
Charles Gordon Browne, Priest
Mary McCall
William Wallis Dodsworth, Priest
Isabel Constance Morgan Cowie
Henry Mapleton Chapman
Sibylla H. Barlow
Gertrude Hilare Eliza Manning
Ada Rachel Williams 
Ada, Sister, C.S.C. 
Annie Spershott Smith
Maria Theodora Collis 
Georgina Mary Jannings
Mary Kirby
Cyrilla, Sister, C.S.C. 
Mary Alexandra Proctor
Caroline Griffith Richards
Herbert Pulman Barchard, Priest
Agnes Jean Kingsbury
Helen Read
Frederick Richard Fairmaner, Priest 
Maurice Henry Llewellyn Williams, Priest 
Kate Maria Chaplin
Evelyn Allfrey
George Richard Joliffe Round, Priest 
Frideswide, Sister, C.S.C.
Ivy Carrington Roland-Smith
June Coral Cross 
Ada Bewick
Mary Ann Reeve 
Freda Mary Weed 
Alice Stewart

Hilda Russell 1999
Dorothy N Langstead 2008
Evelyn Frances Baker 2010
Graham Douglas Leonard, Msgr 2010

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January 7th

Marian Croft
Hilda Mary, Late Mother, O.S.B. 
Ellen Mary Mason
Arthur Percival Loxley, Priest 
Emily Charlotte C. Devon
Charlotte Annie Borlase Amps 
Edith Mary, Sister, S.S.M.
Mary Louisa Marshall
Harriett Mary Stow
Sarah Anne Davies
Gerald Christopher Rawlinson, Priest 
Bertha Ellen Crewe 
Robert Mackrell, Priest 
Caroline Elizabeth Ashton 
Herbert Samuel Ware, Priest 
Clement Drake Elton Malet, Priest
William John Mockford 
Edith Laxon Chamberlain 
Charlotte, Sister, C.S.C. 
Louisa Mary Moy
Edith Mary Robinson 
Mabel Jessie Wilson 
Ellen Lindsay Turnbull 
May Mabel Backshall 
Margaret Geach
Alice, Sister, C.S.P.H. 
Maxwell Fisher, Priest 
Lillie Jane Thorpe
Thirza Ann Cotterell 
Beatrice M. Kemp
Cecilia, Sister, C.S.M.V. 
Helena Isabel Cooke 
Alfred Edward Basham 
Ellen Maud Holt
John Gilbert Lockhart 
Gladys Irene May Windridge 
Hugh Livingston Shaw
Annie Louise Mortimer Griffin
Winifred Ethel Crapper 
Emily Mabel Lynne-Jones 
Lena Thersa Rance 
Mary Elizabeth Ward 
Gertrude Jane Sabine

Eric Grayson Ogden, Priest 1998
Susan Patricia Midwood 2011

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January 8th

Caroline Mary Harrison 
Clara Eliza Dean-Pitt
James Edward Truman, Priest
Florence Mary Hancock 
Lucy Martha Horsfall 
Alice Evelyn Graham 
Philip Bond
Eleanor Maud Barry 
Ellen Jane Wiltshire 
Harold Standish, Priest 
Eleanor, Sister, C.S.L. 
Frances Catherine Kitson 
Annie Florence Tylee 
Harriet Marcia Cooke 
Mary Katherine Sparkes 
Agnes, Sister, C.S.C.
Gertrude Verena, Sister, C.S.M.V.
Henry Lucius Moultrie Cary, Priest, S.S.J.E. 
Henry George Lancaster, Priest
Isobel Buchanan Olivier
Joan, Sister, N.S.S.J.D. (Grace Handyside) 
Henry Thomas Wishart Bousfield 
Angus Dalton McKenzie
Violet Dorothy Pound
Frederick Thomas William Girling 
Esme Madeline Kearney Davison 
Wyndham Derek Claydon
Philip Stephem Watson

John Alfred Pease, Priest 1997
Donald Thomas Hadley, Priest 2009

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January 9th

William Mason Scharlieb 
Louisa, Sister, S.C.
Florence Bailey
Lucy Ada Buckland
Robert Herber Godwin, Priest 
Julia Elizabeth Marshall 
Emma Powell Twyman 
Mary Anna, Sister, S.H.T. 
Emily Kinder
Barbara Esther Nash 
Sarah Louisa Dawes
William Brown
Edith Barham Arrow
Katherine Fanny Grainge 
John Draper
Lucy Ann Steer
Henry Symonds, Priest 
Beatrice Alice, Sister All SS.
George James Audomar D'Arcy, Priest 
Harriet Frances Butler 
Ada Maria Austin
William Dudley Dixon, Priest 
Marion Emily Francis 
Annie Kent
Claude Alfred Wiglesworth Russell, Priest 
Reginald Stuart Langhton, Priest
Laura Anne Constance Cotton 
Florence Mildred Barber 
Edith Medhurst
Audrey Victoria Franklin-Adams
Enid Critchett-Bartlett 
Madeline Percy Charlesworth 
Emma Julia Digby Pigott 
Lila Frances Goodfellow 
Dorothy Mary Clough 
Grace Bridges Lee
Joan Wilson Adams

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January 10th

Caroline Marianne Smeaton 
Henry David Jardine, Priest 
Georgiana Hext
Eleanor Elizabeth A. Majendie 
Mary Cruickshank
Beata Elizabeth G. South 
John Kemp, Priest
Sophia Kathleen Cardew 
Emma Flora Maunder 
Georgina Mary Welch 
Annie Elizabeth Williams
James Alison Mackonochie, Priest 
Amy Catherine Wood 
Zoe Adeline Waterfield 
Mary Jane Rodbard
Charlotte, Sister, C.S.P.H. 
Annie Maude Hobbs
Helen Edith Claxton
Alice Catherine Donovan 
Mary Salome, Sister, C.H.C. 
Florence Blanche I'Anson 
Henrietta Marvin
Mary Gertrude Graham 
Alice Barrington
Edward Albert Hawkes, Priest 
Norah Evelyn Linklater 
Martha Louisa Wells
Marion Stanley Clarke
Christopher Pavier Bryan, Priest 
Harry Cecil Boyes, Priest 

Eric Robert Travers Smyth  1996
Eva Katherine Back 1997
Michael Fleming 2006

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January 11th

Sarah Ann Tunnicliffe 
Edith Moore
Dorothy Harrison Bullock 
Charlotte Everard Everard 
Lilian Annie Torry
Dorothy Domenichetti 
Sarah Jane Broome
Edith Webb
Harry Edward Malden, Priest 
Edith Grace Norris
Mary Angela Sister, C.R.J.B.S. 
Dora Louise Earle
Susan Agnes Sandeman
Gertrude Lucretia Anson Seebohm 
Milfred Elizabeth Braund 
Christine Maud Osborn 
Eric Charles Bailey, Priest 
Isabella Beazer
Violet Eveline Oxley
George Bernard Donson 
Owen Whiting, Priest
Emily Jackson
Mary Elizabeth, Sister, All.SS 

Isabelle Agnes Hogg 1993
Richard Frank Camenisch, Priest 2002

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January 12th

Mary Emma Edith Bode 
Helen Augusta Dance 
Emma Redford Heath
Francis Edward William Wilmot, Priest 
Mary, Sister, C.H.R. 
Louisa Birch
Eliza Cicely Plimpton 
Caroline Harriett Grove 
Laura Sophia Grubbe 
Louisa Martha Bull 
George Jones, Priest
Jane, Late Mother Superior, C.S.K. 
Phoebe Maria Lewis 
Emma Jane Clements 
Margaret Mary Burmester 
Barbara Rosalie Marsack 
George Henry Smith 
Robert Russell Hutchinson
Herbert Frank Bass 
Mildreda, Sister, C.S.J.B. 
Percy S. Bullen
Ella Ida Hillman
Annie Nancy Donahoo
William Gordon Acheson, Priest
Helen Janet Parker 
Gladys Mary Nichells 
Dorothy Holden
Olive Edith Chapman 
Lilian Waine

Laura Constance Hill 1996
Donald William Lambert, Priest 1998
Arthur Fincham, Priest 2012
Sidney Cartwright, Priest 2013

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January 13th

Emma Wilmot
Henry Irwin, Priest
Caroline E. Page-Thrower 
Jane Peters
Walter Lovell
Kate Wilding Ogle
Catherine Anna von Forstner
Mary Helena, Deaconess 
Henry Falcon Gipps, Priest 
Elizabeth Annie Evans
James Nicholson Nicholson, Priest 
Jane, Sister, S.S.P.
Caroline Ellen Hart
Cecil Edward Fisher, Priest 
Ellen Mary Squire
Emma Rosa Cuff
Esther Rebecca Lewis 
Gerald Hanley Ball, Priest 
Gerald Engelbach, Priest 
Emma Grace Bourne 
Annie Whitfield Corpe
Annie Stella, Sister, C.S.J.B. 
Ernest William Sawyer, Priest
Patrick Andrew Clay, Priest 
Laura Mary Eld
Barbara Coles
Ada, Sister, Dss C.S.A. 
Emma Maria Young 
Julia Robinson Chitty 
Charlotte Tait
Edward Cornish Henley, Priest
Hester, Sister, C.A.H. 
Charlotte Boughton Tibbatts
Kate Gray
Gustave Colin Sharp 
William Alfred Hodkinson 
Mabel Bates
Ethel Margaret Barnett 
Geoffrey Hogg
Glencora Valerie Keyt
Ernest Walter Josiah Stanley Starkey, Priest 

Barbara Mary Cole 1994
Douglas John Nudds, Priest 2012

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January 14th

Emma Adeney
Phoebe Susanna Williams 
Sophia Ettrick
Arthur William Dunnett, Priest
Marion Augusta C. Belgrave
Elizabeth Emily Flood 
Frances Ellen Larchin 
Emily Harriett S. Best 
Rhoda Helen Evans
Maria Howard
Charles Neale Field, Priest, S.S.J.E.
Ella Collingwood
Elizabeth Leslie Smith 
Frances Annina Durnford 
Louisa Leech
Arthur George Melvill Rushton, Priest 
Florence Beatrice Milward 
Emma Katherine King 
Nora Sophy Maude 
Alice Ethel Redpath 
William Robert Victor Brade
Maria Louisa Nash 
Hannah Irwin
Bertha Williams
Lewis Charles Reginald Smith, Priest 
Margarette Frederica Walker
Mary Florence Brigham
Gerald Wilfred Fardell Howard, Priest 
Maude Alice Jutson 
Minnie Culver
Margaret Cornelia Anna Louise Monahan 
Maud Fleming Williams
Charles Robert Throp 
Mary Douglas Laurence 
Emily Mabel Leonard 
George Percy Wilkins, Priest

Harold Mellish 1992
Mark Glaswell, Priest  1995
Bridget Mary Goodall  2008

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January 15th

Harriott Crisp Beck
Margaret Henrietta Phipps 
North Green-Armytage, Priest 
Kate Parrott
Harry Hamilton Jackson, Priest 
Ida Cecilia Milne
Marion Alice Taylor
Margaret Moody Latimer 
Annie Elizabeth Cooper
Lucilla, Sister, C.S.C.
Annie Mary Lay
Florence Amy Weir
Jane Elizabeth Treen Symons 
Alice Hobart
Muriel Isabel Reynolds
Catherine Frances Haydon 
Rosina Emily Maude Searle 
Dorothy Clara Ellis

Margaret Dina Vaughan 1999

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January 16th

William Ware
Matilda Austin
Alice Clara Nell
Henry James Thatcher 
Maria Louisa Roberts 
Inez Dulcie Ellis
William Stathers, Priest 
Etheldreda Mary Crouch 
Madeline Lucy Boyce 
Jane Fair
Blanche, Sister, C.H.C. 
Katharine Maud Mary Truman 
Thomasina Jane Eyre
Isabella Louisa Chicheley Stevens 
Florence Catherine Goodhart 
Jeannie Saunders 
Eveline Isabella Hull 
Flora Diana Cockell 
Marie Caroline Maginn 
Horace Crotty, Bishop 
Edward Humphrey Essex, Priest 
May Thompson
Agneta, Sister, C.S.J.B. 
Arthur Gilbert Berry 
Mary Blanche Box
Isabel Harriet Sulman 
Florence Rose Goudge
Ada Crick
Ethel Mona Apivor 
Jessie Stevenson 
Rose Alice World 
Marjory, Sister, S.S.M.
Dom Mark Gibson, OSB, Priest

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January 17th

Arthur Hood
Ellen Wilson Thackeray 
Eliza Anne Nelson
Edwin Townshend Bernard 
Robert Raggett, Priest
William Thomas P. Winter, Priest 
Elizabeth Helen Burton 
Laura Campbell Owen
Lydia Wood
Williamina Agnes Mackenzie 
Caroline Mary Ball
Maria Albin Baily
Hannah Elizabeth Wetherilt 
Mary de Denne
Jane Heffield
Florence Arbuthnot
Ada Mary McDougall
Martha Elizabeth Elverston 
Nina Elizabeth Ledeatt Vizard 
Constance Georgiana Mary Travers 
Louisa Eastcott Street
Katharine Emily Powell 
Jane Agnes Butler
Mildred Mary Bond
Frances Winifred S. Bowen 
Alica Marion Fox
Mabel Elizabeth Langley Robinson 
Ethel May Pout
Ivy Hilda Smithson
Amy Madeline Gardiner Gould 
Edith Mary Dew
Thomas Bishell Anderson, Priest 
Hilda Rose Mexson
Lilian Waine
Norah Daisy Anelay
Winifred Mackonokie
Brian Gough
Agnes Crystal, Sister, C.S.M.V. 
Joyce Davis 1998
Joyce Coombs 1999
William Shephard 1999
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January 18th

Eliza Reader
Charlotte Jane Swinburne 
Charles R. J. Wallace, Priest 
Henry Moore, Priest
Christina Garioch Mackenzie 
Sarah Anne Rogers
Elizabeth Walker Firth 
Leonidas Constanduros 
Francis Forester Irving, Priest 
Elizabeth Hannah Parker 
William Frances Deey, Priest 
George Smith Tyack, Priest 
Mary Ann Baynes
Mary Helena Cubitt-Nichols 
Margaret Eliza Webb
Edward Napleton Dew, Priest 
Kate Latham Whitehouse 
Mary Elise, Sister, C.H.C. 
William Henry Mackett 
Annie Georgina Nicholson 
Catherine Gillespie
Annie Clisby
Isabella Collett
Edith Mary Maud Hansell 
Emily Bradley Sainsbury 
Mary Elizabeth Jevons 
William George Middleton 
Alice Dorothy Black
Mabel Laura Clifford
Alice Maud Goddard
Edith Mary Winstanley 
Ernest John Page
Muriel Seymour Russell Holman
John Herbert Cloete Twisaday, Priest 
Harcourt Gladstone Moss 
George Wilfrid Caldwell 
Eveline Elizabeth Tebbutt 

Lewes Ward-Andrews, Priest, S.S.M. 1996
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January 19th

Blanche Sophia St. John 
Harry McDowell, Priest 
Fanny W. H. Suckling 
Marian Elizabeth Owen
Mary Katherine, Sister, C.H.R. 
Charlotte Catherine Croft 
Eliza Norton
Emily Butterfield
Catherine Mary Hargreaves 
Margaret (Baroness Clinton) 
Thomas Packer Massiah, Priest 
Charles Lindley Wood (2nd Viscount Halifax) 
Constance, Sister, C.S.K. 
Ada Justyne Philp
Lily Bell Reynard
Emma Elizabeth Wright 
Elizabeth Cartwright Worrell 
Elizabeth Eleanor Piper 
Frederick Hugh Tatham, Priest
Geraldine Tate Danby 
Edith May Sells
Mary Hyacinth Metcalfe 
Margaret Shakleton Henry 
Elsie Marion, Sister, S.S.M. 
Gladys Marion Clarke 
Vibert Jackson, Bishop 
Alfred Gerald Bisdee, Priest 
Edith Florence Clowes 
William Oldroyd
Margaret Alice Langdon 
Anne, Sister, C.H.R.
Cuthbert John Hayes, Priest 
David Edward Browse 
Margaret Crooks
Ann Frances, Sister, C.S.M.V.
Hubert Redman 2010
Paul Summerfield 2014

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January 20th

Mary G. Alcock
Anna M. Atkinson-Grimshaw 
Emily Casement Moriarty 
Edith Mary Woolmer
Mary Ann Bain
Harriet Flora Sayce
John Woolaston Ward, Priest 
Mary Elizabeth, Sister, C.S.A.S. 
Louisa Strange
Ernest William Wilson, Priest 
Mary Anna Barnes
Frances Jane Ross Smith 
Emily Knight
Margaret Agnes Hodgson 
Harriet Annie Abbot
Augusta Margaret Champion de Crespigny 
Frances Darnell
George Edward Wilmot-Holmes, Priest 
Amy, Sister, C.H.C.
Edith Mary Garland
Susan Agnes Haddesley 
Margaret Mary Stewart Sandeman 
Mary Charlotte de Capell Brooke 
Jessie Mabel Clarke
Geoffrey Alexander Philip Henderson, Priest 
Helen Coleridge Davis
Amy Mary Ridgway Burrough 
Amy Alice Underwood
Percy Frederick Gill
Nathan Edward Debney

Elsie Brazendale 1997
Thomas Brockenhurst Simister, Priest 2005
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January 21st

John Rouse Bloxam, Priest
George Mason, Priest 
Bessie, Sister, S.J.D. 
Charlotte Anna Gordon 
Marion Amy Bateman 
Mary Hilda, Sister, C.S.J.B. 
Augusta Josephine Smith 
Julia Reid Willoughby 
Arthur Crane
Helen Alison-Johnson 
Elizabeth Steuart
Margaret Augustine Hogg 
Louisa Maria Morgan 
George Philip Newby 
Minnie Sarah Bannester 
Mabel Anna Gadelia Hurford 
Margaret Sturley
Nellie Lomax
Norah Pendrell Smith 
Edith Francis Cleather 
Kate Miles
Margaret Adelaide Hudson 
Louisa Marshall
Eleanor Elizabeth Edmunds
Mary Mabel, Sister, C.H.C. 
Sidney Fraser Panton, Priest 
Gertrude Isabel Lasky Probert
Ellen Mary Ansell
Dorothy Francis Turner 
Emma Sarah Wightman 
Nigel Wykeham Lavington 
Annie Maria Metcalfe 
Angela Theresa Chatley 
Ethel Thomson
Mary Russell Robson 
Ethel Frances Gillett 
Francesca, Sister, C.S.W. 
Charles Salter  1967
Bartholomew Paul Gilroy, Priest 1990
Doreen King 2010
Bethany Dawson 2012

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January 22nd

Margaret T. Miller
Elinore Margaret Drage
George Richard Scobell, Priest 
John Hammond, Priest
Henrietta Pedder
Margaret, Late Mother Superior, S.S.P. 
Mary Emmerson Giraud
William Michael Puttock, Priest 
Clara Evelyn Mordan
Hilda R. A. de B Duncombe
Mary Ann Husband
John William Llewelyn, Priest 
Agnes Rundle Muntz
Eveline Mary Bance
Arthur Robert Sharpe, Priest 
Grace Amelia Stephenson 
Mary Lucy Ashpitel
Mary Charlotte, Lay Sister, C.H.C.
Rosa Frances Elizabeth James 
Emily Ogden Stone-Alcock
Beatrice Henrietta Pierrepont Crouch 
Thora Anna Gyritha Muller 
Iris, Sister, C.S.C.
Sarah Hall Dunhill
Ruth Katharine Voules 
Selina Susannah Hill
Adrian Henry Mitchell 
Beryl Cecily Lawley
Derek William Allen, Priest

Stephen Wyke Remington Barker, Priest 2004

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January 23rd

Lavinia Binney
Eliza Winter
Kathleen Paul
Herbert Mackenzie 
Blanche Annie Wilkinson
Katharine Harris 
Mary Gordon
Percy Edward Sankey 
Percy John Spalding
Thomas George Fullerton, Priest
Anna, Sister, S.S.M.
Kate Alexandra Griffith Tuke
Augustus Blayney Russell Young, Priest 
Catherine Alice Highmore
Maria, Sister, C.S.C. 
Geraldine Innes Pocock 
Ethel Margaret Rashleigh
Mary Jane Wilson 
Gertrude Dennis Allen 
Mary Elizabeth Bickford
Ethel Frances Douglas Dowdeswell
Paul Jevon Raybould, Priest
Margaret Eliza Paget 
Minnie Jane Newby 
Lilian, Sister, C.H.R.
Irene Clare Thomason Dixon Seager 
Helen Alice Winterbourne
Muriel Elinor Frances Madden
Edith Emma Wotherspoon
Kate Moscrop Edwards 
Elsie Maud Sandy 
Ethel Dorothy Elliff
Richard Booth Bryan, Priest
Dom Cyprian Martin, Priest, O.S.B. 
Herbert Thorndike Shaw, Priest
Donald William Charles Nurse, Priest 

Lucy Hilda Tobin 1993
Neville Charles Wood Brooks, Priest 1998
Beatrice Cecilia Perry 2009
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January 24th

Thomas Goodwin Bowles 
Charlotte Bird
Anne Emma Barker 
Emily Williams
Eleanor Letitia Green
Anna Mary, Late Mother Superior, C.S.A.S. 
Joseph B. Davey Hopgood, Priest 
Matilda Anna Helen Supple 
Louise Mary Greig
Laura Mildred, Sister, C.S.J.B.
Edwin Joseph Le Quesne 
Julia Gray
Elizabeth Anne Turner 
William Pollard
Mary Theodore Hankey 
Dora, Lay Sister, C.H.C.
Mary George Etheldreda Bengough 
Florence Emily Hamilton 
Elizabeth Patricia Wingate 
Jessie Isabella Wright 
Alice Marion Laidlay 
William Robert Walker 
Mabel E. Beaven
Jessie Maria Hammerton 
Ethel Myra Eliot
Francis Olive, Sister, C.S.J.B.
Lilian Florence Beardsley 
Dorothy Edith Martin 
Norman Scott
Fred Dickens 2001
Ralph Guild Davison, Priest 2003
Robert Tice Davey 2005
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January 25th

Sarah Mitchell
Edith Maria Langton
John Elphinston Robertson, Priest 
Charles Brown Smith 
Henry Edward Maskew, Priest
Lucy Anne Bloxam 
Mary Eliza Wade 
Alicia Emily Passy 
Constance R. Gant
Emma Augusta Frederica Day
Edith Harriet Rooke
Henry Robert Johnson, Priest
Mary Ann Taylor Hallowes
William Eugene Perrin, Priest
George James Champion, Priest
Mary Louisa Hoare 
Edith Sarah Hogg 
Johnstone Murray, Priest
Eleanor Ada Collins 
Mary Katharine Lewis 
Frank Charles Blundell 
Charles Flavell Blood, Priest
Annie Steed
Elsie Piper
Eleanor May Johnson
Clara King
William Edward Plumbridge, Priest 
Nora Jardine
Herbert Malcolm Pearce, Priest
June Rose Wood
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January 26th

Lewis Taswell Lochee, Priest 
Edward Alcock
Alice Fanny Bramwell
Mary Imelda, Novice, All SS. 
Julia Catherine Mary King 
Alice Margaret, Sister
Jemima Whipham
Sarah Flora Sutcliffe
John Arthur Stanley Burgess 
Isabella Mary Birkmyre
Sophie Rose, Sister, C.S.M.V. 
William André Pearkes, Priest 
Edith Mary Shanks
William Minto Roberts, Priest 
Ellen Saunders Westmacott 
Sarah Gaskell
Florence Addison Wood 
Mary Wilkinson
Annie Potts
Elizabeth Ann Harrison
Mildred Miles
Emily Pickard
Constance, Sister, C.S.C. 
Violet Evelyn Ironside Bax 
Edith Margaret Susanna Wood 
Georgina Alice Humphrey 
Ada Stella Harrison
Mary Helena Stiff
Douglas William Smith
Bertha Hannah Worthy
Thomas Tattersall
Camilla Masefield
Dorothy M. Mann
Gladys Winifred Ball
Olive Mary Rose
Dom Edward Breach, Priest, O.S.B. 
Isabella Mary Hoskins
Christine Elaine Gabbitas 
Judith Zoe Russell 2002
Sheila Burgess 2006
Jean Elizabeth Austin 2007
Barbara Mundy 2010

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January 27th

Gwendoline Knight-Clarke 
Charlotte L. Waterhouse 
Henry William Craik
Lisa Lockyer
Frank Hugh Fisher, Priest
Edith Dicker
Mary Ellen George
Alice Christine Troyte-Bullock 
Eliza Wadley
Georgiana Charlotte Tilt
Ethel Annie Colvile
William Rathborne Supple, Priest 
Sarah King-Page
Clara Robins Jackson
Arthur Daniel Limbrick, Priest 
Frances Jane Pattinson
Elizabeth Kentfield
Henry Carolus Gent, Priest 
Ellen Emily Janet Pennefather 
Edward John Gough, Priest 
Norah Louise Clendinnen 
Helen Florence Wright
Arthur Frederick Goldsmith 
Leonard James Webb, Priest 
Alice Mabel Simpson
May Burslem
Emily Katharine Glover
Sarah Jane Armstrong
John Richard Quarterman, Priest 
Simon, S.S.F.
June Annie Tattersall
Marjorie Hilda Mary Hodkinson 
Audrey Cornwall-Brooks
Ellen Guy
Catherine Mary Paterson
Harry Vance

Ernest John Richard Chown, Priest Member of Council  1998
Doris May Brown 2002
Sheila Smith 2009

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January 28th

Mary D'Ombrain
Ethel Mary Bevan
Rebecca Isabella Young
Georgina Jones
Etheldreda, Late Mother Superior, C.S.M.C. 
Georgiana Palmer
Alfred Britten, Priest
Isabella Maltby
Emily Nation
George Lovelace, Priest
Henry Sylvester Alison, Priest 
Winifred Adey
Edith Denman
Francis Harvey Glaister, Priest 
Julia Elinor Darnell
Henrietta, Sister, C.H.C.
George Frederick Cartright, Priest 
Anna Margaret Mackenzie Moreton 
Emily Anna Ackland
Muriel, Sister, C.A.
Mary Eleanora, Sister, C.H.C. 
Katherine Elliot Monro 
Beatrice Carpmael 
Eveleen Mary Brabazon 
Lilian Kate Hodkinson 
Irene Sweet Hutchens 
Bride, Sister, C.S.C. 
Ruth Mary, Sister, C.S.C.
Violet Frances Marie Clifton-Smith 
Elaine Stanley Malden 
Hannah Hammond 
Mabel Bowser
Rowena Sagar

Constance Margaret Fleming  1992
James Gordon Cox, Priest 1993

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January 29th

Annie Maria Emmet
Edith Charlotte Drummond 
Sarah Gouldesbrough 
Ellen Steward Leathes 
Emily Turner
Lois, Late Mother Superior, C.H.C. 
Marjorie Ellen Chater 
Rose Mary, Sister, O.S.B. 
Elizabeth Kezia Wylie 
Harriet, Sister, C.S.K. 
Olga Cunliffe Hopkinson 
George Herbert Jenner, Priest 
Ernest Gale
Harry Bowen Williams 
Lucille Mary, Sister, S.S.M. 
Annie Maude Alwyn 
Frederic Mill Pellatt
Mary Etheldreda, Sister, C.S.J.B. 
Mildred Mary Maycock 
Sarah Kenworthy Woodcock 
Violet Mary Emelia Parkin 
Henrietta Amelia Hamblett 
Helen Esme Bourchier-Wrey 
Mabel Bertha Sayres 
Hilda Thomas
Margaret Lacy Hulbert 
Evelyn Mona Mansbridge 
Dorothy Ellis
Margaret Gladys Hermione Little 
Charles James
Robert Penfold Thorp, Priest

Charles Bryan Hall, Priest 2009
Paul Griffin 2012

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January 30th

Rosa Maud Stewart
Archibald D. C. Thompson, Priest 
Frances Mary Cope
Charles Robert Stead
Charlotte Augustine, Sister, C.S.J.B. 
Eleanor Laura Morgan
Frederick Charles Barrow
Lucy Bradbridge
Frances Mary Corbould
Euphemia Anne Crampton
Cecil Jane Eliza Ferrers
Agnes Marianne Frances Shawfield 
Mary Henrietta Hanmer
Rosina Carew Whitfield
Agnes Maud, Sister, C.S.J.B.
Eliza Emily Crane
Elizabeth Maude Stapylton-Smith 
Amelia Harvey
Gertrude Edith Stevenson
Lucy Hastings
Sarah Elizabeth Gwillim
Nora Emily Joyce
Arthur Walter Tyer
Anne, Sister, C.S.M.V.
Leonard James Baker, Priest
May Monica Burch
Antony Thomas Chaplyn Burnett, Priest 
Maud Alice Maltby

Bernard Fielding 2009

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January 31st

Charlotte Bacon
Mary Brown
Georgiana P. Schlotel
Katharine Harriot Jearrad 
Agnes C. Coates
Charlotte Anne Ram
Edward Aldous Lane, Priest 
Emma Wheeler
Alfred Francis Algernon Hanbury-Tracy, Priest 
                                 (President of Guild 1900-1924)
George Newell
Mabel Fanny Webber
Emily Mary Williams
Ellen Maria Elton McBride 
Frank Whitaker Vining, Priest 
Eliza Denton
Alfred Ebden Padday, Priest 
Maude Lilian Young
Utten James Easson, Priest 
William Frank Wickham 
Ethel M. Breeds
Frances Mary Burland Jacob 
Alice Eleanor Hull
Cecil Hobart Houghton
Anna Maria Gore Evans 
Mary Margaret Bachelor 
Margaret Isabel Graff
Alice Rhoda, Sister, C.S.M.V.
Gladys Mary Keith
Esther Marion Meredith 
Cecil William Smith, Priest 
Percy Smith
Kate Millicent Fry
Denis Gilbert Smith, Priest 
Grace Martha Satchell 
Kathleen Marjorie Runswick

Anne Penelope Vaughan  1992
Roger Glanvill Purnell  1992
William Henry Barnard,  Priest   2005
Josephine Ellen Mumford   2012
Roy Alexander Shersby 2015
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